Why 2K

By – Trevor Shanahan


The Swiss Army Knife exists to offer a variety of tools in one convenient “package”; made to meet almost any need a person may require in a range of common scenarios.  2K and Gearbox Studios, I feel, is kind of looking to do the same thing for video games.  On February 9th, 2016, 2K and Gearbox (the powers behind Borderlands) are releasing Battleborn – a game whose offerings rival the array of tools seen in a Swiss Army Knife.


Why 2k2Someone is about to have a bad day.


Battleborn’s story is centered around 25 characters that form an unlikely alliance to save the last star in the universe.  The narrative portion of the game can be played cooperatively with up to 5 players via a mix of online and local multiplayer (2 players in split-screen) features.  Aside from the narrative the game boasts additional multiplayer modes:


INCURSION: Teams of heroes will work with AI controlled minions to beat back an opposing team and their own minions.  The team who destroys their opponent’s base wins.  This “seems” like a first-person take on the popular Massive Online Battle Arena format (MOBA).


DEVASTATION: Teams of heroes fight to capture and hold objectives to win the match.


MELTDOWN: Teams of heroes guide their AI minions to an incinerator located at the center of the map.  The teams who gets the most minions to sacrifice themselves wins.


Why 2k35 heroes assault some enemies(?) in purple and black.


The interesting thing is that everything you do counts.  Two persistent ranks, known as character and command, ensure persistent hero and account growth unlocking specific and universal benefits whether you’re playing the story or any of the multiplayer modes.


Why 2k4An in-game shot of the helix character upgrade system.  This, as of now, is done on the-fly.


Battleborn sees the introduction of the helix system; a variation of the upgrade tree with 10 levels featuring a choice between two hero-specific perks per node on the helix.  The hope is that players can experience a full helix of options in a run.  As unlocks are earned in character ranks, perks in  a hero’s helix can be changed to allow for different options and adding variety to a game where more than one person can play a hero.


The game is still a long way off from release, but the pre-release media isimpressive.  If the game releases at around $60 it is hard for me to justify not getting it; the vast array of offerings and features is personally worth way more to me…and I hope it is to you.  Keep an ear to the ground for this one.




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