YouTube Channels Forever Changed Due to New Copyright ID Match

YouTube recently rolled out a new copyright combating feature involving content ID matches. Content ID matches refer to a video that is claimed and copyrighted by someone other than the person posting said video. YouTube is able to automatically generate these matches based on a large library of content that has been uploaded and claimed as copyrighted.

Many popular gaming YouTubers upload videos of games they are playing, and these are the people getting the “content ID match” notices. This being said, it isn’t the YouTuber’s video that is being claimed as copyrighted work, but instead is something within the video being claimed. Now, it is important to know that this only affects those who monetize their videos. The videos remain viewable but the money being made on the video is going straight to the person who filed the copyright claim.

The biggest problem with this new change is that those other then the correct copyright holder have been somehow able to claim the videos as their own. A prominent YouTuber, NerdCubed, made a video about this issue. He had a video claimed by “Valve” on one of their games, but Valve gives players explicit permission to record and use recordings of their games. He emailed Valve, and they said they had not filed the copyright, thus false claims are being made by people other than the proper company.

This is not the only video which has been angrily released on YouTube. Others include videos by CaptainSparklez and AngryJoe. Just searching content ID on YouTube brings up pages upon pages of rants.

That being said, what do you guys think of these dramatic changes lately from YouTube? Do you think they are making a safe decision to protect themselves, or are they really ruining their site?





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